How It Works

With MixSwap, you can stake your token assets to earn new tokens through Liquidity Mining on BSC Network. MixSwap allows users to earn high annual percentage yield(APY) easily and anyone can start cryptocurrency mining today!



Staking in Pools is the simplest way to earn free rewards in MixSwap. Just stake MXS, earn free MXS. It’s really that easy and anyone can do it.



Earn high annual percentage rate(APR) by staking two tokens in the liquidity pool to exchange LP tokens, then staked into the Farms to earn MXS tokens.



Earn tokens such as “Cake” & “BNB” on MixSwap. MixVaults automatically compounds and seek the highest yield(APY) available for you.

What Is MixSwap

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Your Crypto Wallet with Yield Mining Functions. MixWallet brings mining to your mobile devices.

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 Mixer Function

The trusted mixer to send anonymous transaction securely on Binance Smart Chain Network.
MixSwap provides transaction privacy by separating the transactions between recipient and sender addresses. It utilizes a smart contract that accepts BUSD and BNB deposits, which can be withdrawn by a different address. Whenever this new address withdraws the BNB/BUSD, there is no way to link the withdrawal to the deposit, making the process completely private.

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 (MXS Crypto Debit Card)

A crypto linked debit card. Shop globally with your card.


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